Dogs in China / Manchester Animal Shelter

September 15, 2017

After a brief discussion of the increasing love of the Chinese for their dogs, we talk to Laura Gillman of the Manchester Animal Shelter and their upcoming Mutt Strut.



Capturing Your Pet in Photos and Video

September 13, 2017

Pet photos and videos are EVERYWHERE in social media, with many pets even having their own Instagram and Facebook accounts. Be part of the fun, and learn how to capture and create the best pet photos and videos using a smart phone or camera. Kyle Thomas of Kyle Thomas Creative shares his expertise, along with Mikayla Feehan and Karin Anderson of Walkin' Pets by Mikayla shares tips on creating engaging pet videos and photos, and Karin shares best practice photographic techniques. Walkin' Pets Marketing and PR Director Lisa Murray hosts this episode.


A haven for harder to adopt small dogs

September 6, 2017

Victoria Lee, founder of Elliot's Little Dog Haven (ELDH) in New Hampshire, talks to us about rescuing those harder to adopt dogs -- senior dogs, or dogs with special needs. ELDH not only provides sanctuary for these dogs, who come from rescues from all over the country, but ELDH places some of the dogs in a very innovative way. They match senior dogs with senior citizens who might not be able to afford to keep a pet. ELDH pays for medical needs for the dogs and more. Listen in, and learn about the compassionate care ELDH gives to the neediest pets, who still have lots of love and life in them.


Supplements for your pet

August 25, 2017

Ages ago, as were developing as humans, the world was quite different. We foraged for food, hunted, possibly grew our own, but fruits and vegetables bore little resemblance, then, to what they are now. Animals had their own food chains. Fact is, neither you, I, nor our pets can get all the nutrients we need from our modern day, totally processed, additive filled food. This is an entirely different world then the one we evolved in.

The pet food we buy is, for the most part, questionable. The 75 Billion dollar global pet food industry is highly competitive and, in search of higher profits, corners have been known to be cut. Unless we’re very, very selective, we can’t really count on our pets getting everything they need from food. For this, we need supplements.

Our Guest: Russell Phillips is the Director of Nutrition and Sales at Wholistic Pet Organics and The Wholistic Pet and Equine Center, which is their storefront located in Bedford, NH off Rt 101 near the new Hannafords. Russell has been with the company for over a decade and has a BS in Biology. He is currently finishing his last two classes at NYU for Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics to achieve his masters.


Fostering, with guest Margaret Crook from

August 11, 2017 is a nonprofit umbrella organization increasing access to short-term fostering for domestic violence survivors in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They give courageous domestic violence survivors a positive alternative to pet relinquishment or remaining in abusive situations with their pet due to a lack of options to place their pet. They allow owners to find safety for themselves and their pets through short-term pet fostering and and later reunite, generating positive health outcomes.


Animal Physical Therapy

August 4, 2017

Guest: Jennifer Brooks
Horse ’n Hound: 288 South Merrimack Rd, Hollis, NH 03049 Phone (603) 465 4444 e-Mail Horse ’n Hound provides physical therapy for dogs, cats, and horses.

Equine Rehab Services, LLC expanded in 2012, to Horse N Hound Physical Therapy LLC adding a small animal clinic to the practice to enable treatment for dogs and cats as well as the horses they have served since 2006. As part of this transition they migrated to a new business name operating as "Horse 'n Hound Physical Therapy". They continue to be dedicated to providing the fastest recovery possible for horses, dogs , cats and farm animals. They are now located just a 1/3 mile off of Amherst St , in a pastoral farm setting with a small animal clinic on the 1st floor of a refurbished 1857 barn, along with a 3 stall equine rehab center attached. The new facility has an underwater treadmill for dogs, modalities to promote healing, exercise equipment, a ramped in-ground swimming pool for dogs and a 10 acre walking field they encourage clients to utilize for regular exercising of their beloved 4 legged freinds. They work in conjunction with the pet owners' veterinary providers to establish the best rehab program and healing potential to bring their animals back to full recovery.


The “Dog Catcher” - Animal Control Officers and their great work.

July 21, 2017

Our Guest: TJ Jordi is a firefighter, certified master diver, service dog trainer, and recipient of the Humane Heros award. He is now directr of Tennessee Cheatham County Animal Control. One of his dogs, rescued (of course), Scooter has become a celebrity, Grand Marshall special Olympics, therapy dog, star of Miracle Dogs, Adventures on wheels.

Cheatham County Animal Control is a County Government facility that receives nearly 2200 animals a year with room to house only 50 at a time. Only four staff members clean, feed, treat, bathe, intake, answer phone, and make onsite calls for: at large, cruelty, neglect, and all other issues. The staff also works to save every animal possible with limited resources. Cheatham County is over 360 square miles and is filled with unwanted animals. Our county compliance on vaccinations, spay/neuter, and safety of animals is low. We are leading our staff and our community toward a culture change - which will take time...time our animals do not always have on their side. We rely on Rescues, Adopters, Donations and Education to do the very best we can to care for the many animals we receive dail


Adopting a Dog

July 14, 2017

Pet Transport is a big deal. There are hundreds of companies that do this as a business, and large networks of volunteers. Oftentimes a dog’s trip across the country will involve rides with several people, each handing off the dog to someone else. Be careful, though, lots of dogs have been stolen this way. Flying Mutts Rescue is one of them. Today we talk to Michael Malaro, pilot (since the age of 14), and founder.

Mike lives in Attleboro, MA with his fiancé, two dogs, two ducks, pig, chinchilla, Guinea pig and rabbit. He's been flying for the last 18 years, since he was 14 years old. He got his pilot's license before his driver's license. He flies professionally for a Fortune 10 company for his full-time job. (from the website): A Massachusetts nonprofit organization founded in 2016, offering free transportation to rescues! • They rescue at risk dogs in high kill areas. Pilots donate their time, aircraft, and fuel. • The planes are smaller, single engine aircraft that can accommodate a couple of small to medium-sized crates, or a large dog tethered in the backseat. • Their primary area of focus is flying on the East Coast, with a target area flying dogs from the Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic States to the Northeast. • All dogs will fly with a Health Certificate, as well as all required vaccinations, no exceptions. Flying Mutts follows all State mandated regulations.


Rescues, Shelters, and Puppy Mills

July 7, 2017

6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters.

Let's talk about where and how to get a new dog family member. 

Important Links:
Heath's Haven
Mac's Mission
SFT rescue in Morocco [take a look! LOTS of dogs in Walkin' Wheels!]
Michael Baine's rescue in Thailand

Our Guests:

Kelly Arsenault, founder and president of Papillon Rescue of the North East (PRONE) is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization founded in 2012. It is comprised of rescue veterans who have been in the "business" of saving Papillons and Pomeranians for many years. They have now come together to join forces and strengthen their abilities. Their mission continues to be focused on the rescue, rehabiliation, and lifetime health and happiness of the dogs placed in their care.
Bryanna Santoro, a Jr. volunteer at P.R.O.N.E. also joins the show. She is 13-years-old and has always loved animals and wants to be a veterinarian. She met Kelly and P.R.O.N.E 3 years ago at the Kingston fair, and has been involved ever since.