Adopting a Dog

July 14, 2017

Pet Transport is a big deal. There are hundreds of companies that do this as a business, and large networks of volunteers. Oftentimes a dog’s trip across the country will involve rides with several people, each handing off the dog to someone else. Be careful, though, lots of dogs have been stolen this way. Flying Mutts Rescue is one of them. Today we talk to Michael Malaro, pilot (since the age of 14), and founder.

Mike lives in Attleboro, MA with his fiancé, two dogs, two ducks, pig, chinchilla, Guinea pig and rabbit. He's been flying for the last 18 years, since he was 14 years old. He got his pilot's license before his driver's license. He flies professionally for a Fortune 10 company for his full-time job. (from the website): A Massachusetts nonprofit organization founded in 2016, offering free transportation to rescues! • They rescue at risk dogs in high kill areas. Pilots donate their time, aircraft, and fuel. • The planes are smaller, single engine aircraft that can accommodate a couple of small to medium-sized crates, or a large dog tethered in the backseat. • Their primary area of focus is flying on the East Coast, with a target area flying dogs from the Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic States to the Northeast. • All dogs will fly with a Health Certificate, as well as all required vaccinations, no exceptions. Flying Mutts follows all State mandated regulations.